Walk Me Home: My Article for the BC Cancer Agency

Hi there,

Feeling proud* of the article ‘Walk Me Home’ I wrote for the BC Cancer Agency, so wanted to share it with you all.

(*happy, nervous, sad, grateful)

Afterthought: I realize now that the trepidation came in knowing the audience of this publication…those living with a brain tumour and their families. I recall being given this brochure every time I went to the BCCA and skim reading it; far more pressing matters were at hand. What my article says is the reality nobody wants to hear; that so, so many people die of a brain tumour. Who wants that kick in the pants? All the time while writing it I felt such sadness for the potential readers, remembering what it was like to be on the other side of all this.

Headlines Spring 2013 

Headlines article

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3 thoughts on “Walk Me Home: My Article for the BC Cancer Agency

  1. Beautiful article Becky. You should feel quite proud of it, actually I’m proud of it for what THAT’s worth! 😉 It’s brilliant advice and I love the pictures. I’m missing you, hope you come back sometime soon so we can walk, talk and eat! Remember the Murphy bed – it’s comfy! xoxoxo

  2. Becky your writing always moves me and leaves me with thoughts, images and questions swirling around my head. It is heartbreaking to read but I am so glad that you share your deeply personal account with us
    Rachel xxxx

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