Joyful Mourning! Seriously?

Joyful Mourning Cover   “I feel that Ron’s life and death turned my life around. His daily way of being really alive and the shock of his death woke me up to life, and myself. I often thank him for having given me those gifts, and feel grateful he was in my life. He taught me how to treasure life.” -SR-

Sharing personal stories allows us to learn from others’ experiences. Telling our story to people who listen and care is profoundly healing. As the above excerpt shows, we may even come to see that grief can change us in good ways. To find out about the book Joyful Mourning, please go to to see the different options available for contributing a story. A big THANKS to the lovely folk who have already shared their stories, either in writing or by interview. Making a contribution is now easier and quicker (especially if you prefer talking over writing). I invite you to take a moment, and ask, “Who might like to know this opportunity exists?” Please send this message on to him or her. At the very least, they know you’re thinking about them (always a lovely thing). At best, you may open a door they’re ready to open. Thanks for your support, Becky Please send questions or comments to or use the Contact form on the Home page.

joyful mourning imagePlease visit my Facebook page, Joyful Mourning, launched in the summer of 2012.


Walk Me Home: My Article for the BC Cancer Agency

Hi there,

Feeling proud* of the article ‘Walk Me Home’ I wrote for the BC Cancer Agency, so wanted to share it with you all.

(*happy, nervous, sad, grateful)

Afterthought: I realize now that the trepidation came in knowing the audience of this publication…those living with a brain tumour and their families. I recall being given this brochure every time I went to the BCCA and skim reading it; far more pressing matters were at hand. What my article says is the reality nobody wants to hear; that so, so many people die of a brain tumour. Who wants that kick in the pants? All the time while writing it I felt such sadness for the potential readers, remembering what it was like to be on the other side of all this.

Headlines Spring 2013 

Headlines article