Comfortable With Uncertainty: Doing Pema Proud

I like living with uncertainty.

It’s one of the better choices I’ve made.

It tests my patience and tolerance for potential discomfort.

At each new house sit I never really know what I’ll be getting into.

I don’t know if the dogs will be mellow or manic…or if the cats will sleep on my face.


I don’t know if a comfy bed awaits.

I don’t know where to buy stamps, or fruit and veggies, or decent bread.

I don’t know how the transit system works, or which neighbourhoods I’d be wise to avoid, or foolish to miss.

Most of all, I don’t know the people.

Some are welcoming, others aloof.

They don’t quite know what to make of my friendly disposition.

Sometimes I wish people were more open to unfamiliar faces in their familiar world.

Sometimes I wish I could read people better.


I avoid checking in online prior to flight time.

It’s a commitment I made right from the start. Doing Pema Proud.

I choose to take whichever seat the airline assigns me.

I figure that’s where I’m meant to be.


As a solo traveler it means I often get wedged between the Window and Aisle passengers. Brilliant. I get to meet two new people.

Recently this included a Hindu monk decked out in his orange-robes and string of wooden beads.

He was surprisingly impatient and quick to complain. I was so disappointed.

Another time I got a Johnny Depp look-alike who marveled at my transient lifestyle.

“That’s the best way to live,” he said. “Home is wherever you are and whoever you’re with.”

(Easy on the eyes and wise too.)

Holding my gaze and leaning closer, he continued, “When I’m with you, you’re at home.”

Yes, I thought, I could give it all up for you.

Hoping to disguise my sudden flush, I looked away giggling like a silly schoolgirl.

I’ve always been a sucker for flattery.

Sometimes I wish I could read people better.