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Welcome to my blog, my tech connection for this next chapter of my life. Originally from England, and long-time resident and fan of Vancouver, I’m shifting gears. Embarking on an all-things-life-reaffirming journey, arms wide open to revelation. Kind of Shirley Valentine-like. The hammer has come down hard on this big-hearted, headstrong, former control freak with a reverberating ‘We only get one time around in this body and life is short.’ Now gifted fortuitously with a time and space to re-view this life from ‘out there’ opens me to enjoy and receive in a whole new way. One day at a time.The death of my 23 year old daughter, followed a few years earlier by that of my fiancé have left a profound interior scarring uncommon in scope. Considering myself blessed with an acute awareness of life’s fragility, I hope to stumble and bump along some new, more gentle terrain than in recent years. Expect plenty of reflection, questions and quotes, words of inspiration, comfort and, if all goes well, humour.

You can find me on Facebook at Joyful Mourning  http://facebook.com/joyfulmourning101



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I cannot believe the coincidences here, Becky!
    My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/joyfulmourning1
    My daughter, Becky, who went through this journey of losing her husband within 4 years of being married was a story I felt compelled to write.

    My ebook is already out. Right now for a short while the price is $0.99. Here is the link where you can find it in any formet.

    So sorry about your daughter. In my course it was my son-in-law who passed away.

    Feel free to contact me.
    [for some accidental reason my twitter account joyfulmourning1 was suspended] I have no idea why, read all their rules and asked them to review]

    And before that you had lost your fiancé?
    May God bless you through to Joyful Mourning!

    What a coincidence or God-incidence as I call some of them that we should both pick the same title!
    Mine is Joyful Mourning: A True Love Story

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