Writing From Personal Experience

Writing From Personal Experience
Genre: Writing
ASIN: 0898799724
Write about what obsesses you. Show, don't tell. This book was required reading for the writing course I took in New York with the author, Nancy Davidoff Kelton. Fan-bloody-tastic! A superb book for any serious (and not so serious) writer.
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About the Book

More than just a “how to” reference, this book is an inspiring, engaging read with invaluable instruction for turning personal experiences into salable prose. It includes nuts-and-bolts writing instruction, creative exercises, and the hows and whys of keeping a journal. It is packed with humor, acceptance and rejection, including excerpts of her own writing birthed out of introspection and memories.

“All writing must come from the heart,” says author Nancy Davidoff Kelton. She compares writing to acting. “If it’s not heartfelt, it simply doesn’t ring true.”

Nancy Davidoff Kelton is a writing instructor at the New School and New York University

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