Joyful Mourning

JoyfulMourning-TeaserCover-blueWe cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy

 – Joseph Campbell –

Many of our best-loved poets and philosophers speak of the need for joy in a well-lived life. When someone we love dies, the pain and heartbreak might consume our every breath, as we reluctantly absorb the magnitude of the loss. But there comes a time when we need to let grief change us and allow joy back into our lives.

HOW we do this is different for everyone. It is the topic of this book.

Joyful Mourning is a collection of stories about how we heal after loss. It takes a rare and compelling look at a topic that remains largely unaddressed. The stories will help readers understand the different ways we can live with joy despite loss, and how we honor our own life as well as the memory of a loved one. They may help and inspire others on their journey through grief. Some examples of healing ways may include healing through the arts, special relationships, inner journeys, launching a new project, or spending time in nature.

Be Living Rock invites you to share how grief has changed you in good ways. Here’s how to submit a story.


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