Do You Have 8 Minutes?


Hi there,

With travels over (for now) and writing daily for hours, this blog takes a different tack too.

For openers, I want to share an absolutely marvelous film (7-minutes short) called On Knowing Happiness.  It comes from Nic Askew’s Soul Biography series.

My response from posting it on Facebook was one of deep appreciation, so I felt it imperative to share with those who have opted to pass on the Social Media site.

Should you choose not to watch, let me share with you Kathryn Temple’s two big questions. Questions, supposedly, asked by Ancient Egyptians at the Gateway to Heaven:

* Have you found the joy in your life?

* Has your life brought joy to others?

That’s just in the first couple of minutes. Please check it out, and let me know what you think.

P.S. I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about the word happiness. I prefer joy. The way I see it, happiness is fleeting, transient, more easily lost, but joy resides deep in the bones. It is our way of being in the world.

Kathryn Temple

Kathryn Temple

Joyful Mourning! Seriously?

Joyful Mourning Cover   “I feel that Ron’s life and death turned my life around. His daily way of being really alive and the shock of his death woke me up to life, and myself. I often thank him for having given me those gifts, and feel grateful he was in my life. He taught me how to treasure life.” -SR-

Sharing personal stories allows us to learn from others’ experiences. Telling our story to people who listen and care is profoundly healing. As the above excerpt shows, we may even come to see that grief can change us in good ways. To find out about the book Joyful Mourning, please go to to see the different options available for contributing a story. A big THANKS to the lovely folk who have already shared their stories, either in writing or by interview. Making a contribution is now easier and quicker (especially if you prefer talking over writing). I invite you to take a moment, and ask, “Who might like to know this opportunity exists?” Please send this message on to him or her. At the very least, they know you’re thinking about them (always a lovely thing). At best, you may open a door they’re ready to open. Thanks for your support, Becky Please send questions or comments to or use the Contact form on the Home page.

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